Postcode Data for the United Kingdom and Channel Islands



PostcodePal™ sells the most accurate and cheapest postcode data on the internet. Updates are quarterly and free for life. Street+ provides the only real alternative to Royal Mail PAF. We are also the only source of Isle of Man and Channel Island data with full geographic coordinates, as our Crown Dependency data is an exclusive proprietary geo product. Our data powers some of the biggest brands.

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Postcode Datasets Updated (June 2016)

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of our updated postcode datasets. We would like to thank all of our clients for their patience and our beta testers for their feedback. If you have previously bought one of these products in the past, then we strongly encourage you to download the update.

Developer Licenses Now Available

We have relaxed our developer licensing model. Royalty free developer licenses are now available for our lite and pro postcode datasets. A developer license grants you a non-exclusive royalty free licence to bundle the data with a commercial product or service. This right is strictly limited to powering website(s) or software sold by you or your company to your clients and only if the product or service offered exceeds the total billable value of one single license. This type of license is valid for one year only so must be renewed anually if you wish to continue bundling our data and receiving updates.

Crown Dependencies

Due to the large number of non-geographic codes linked to business customers and po box numbers in the Channel Islands we have decided to provide centroid based coordinates for them that resolve to the centre of the main parish or town of each island. These will be marked with a positional quality indicator of 35. Residential research has now been completed and 99% of all residential codes will resolve to the streets in which they have been allocated. Customers who have bought these datasets from us are strongly encouraged to login to their account and download these updated datasets from us.

Postcode Matrix

Version 4.1.8 of our postcode matrix has now gone live. This unique online tool allows you to explore postcode hierarchy and geography of the United Kingdom like never before. This minor release addresses some speed degregation issues. We have also added statistical information for the larger majority of postcode sectors, which measures the maximum distance between unit codes. The matrix itself is capable of generating and serving millions of unique pages. Please click here to test drive this latest release.